Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Season is Back in Swing! And Line too.

"$150 in gold."
"For what lady sir?"
"For Mrs. Charles Hamilton."
"Mrs. Hamilton is in mourning Captain Butler, but I am sure any of our Atlanta Belles would be proud to....."
"Dr. Meade. I said Mrs. Charles Hamilton."
Pause. "She will not consider it sir."
"Oh yes I will!" (I love Scarlett)
"We've sort of shocked the confederacy Scarlett."
"It's a little bit like blockade running isn't it."
"It's worse. I expect a very fancy profit out of it."
"Oh I don't care what you expect or what they think. I am going to dance and dance. Tonight I wouldn't mind dancing with Ab Lincoln himself."

Now that is a woman who likes her dancing!

Summer Musketeer Michael sent me a text yesterday. It read, in part, “ ….summer is coming to a close and the days are getting shorter.….” While I too lament the demise of summer, I open my arms to autumn. Not only is there pumpkin and apple picking (not to mention the pies), there are also lazy sunny Sunday afternoons hiking with Little Lord Fauntelroy and Blair, getting to wear my Aran sweater and Halloween! Little toasts in the shapes of tombstones set in peas – Rest in Peas. Is there anything better? Why yes there is! Dusting off my swing shoes, pressing my Kensington Market find sailor suit and practising with CJ! Dovercourt house once again comes alive with the sounds of Tyler Yarema and Co. “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens” and “Sing Sing Sing”…..bring it on. Once you learn one or two basic steps, you can dance to any song and build your skills and improve your fancy footwork. And is there anything sexier than dancing WELL? Don’t even get me started on good lead Latin dancer.
When the shoes come off, the boots, jeans and cowboy hat go on! Line dancing is something I encourage everyone to try. Many people think not liking country music = not liking line dancing. Having dragged several people to line dancing (who now have better attendance records than I do) I can tell you that this is not the case. After a few shuffles, heal stomps and basketball turns (that one threw me for a loop too. Basketball in line dancing.) Unlike swing, most line dances go with one song and one song only. But if you go in with an open mind and energetic feet, you will have fun.
Both forms of dancing are great exercise, fantastic ways to keep warm (those long cold nights are coming whether you like it or not) and help make hibernating a little less tempting.


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