Monday, July 01, 2013

Happy Pride and Happy Weeping

Lonsdale has been keeping IronMan and I extremely busy the last few weeks but everything is coming together nicely.

Yesterday we put the finishing touches on what we are calling the French room. My bargain antique bed, direct from France, is the focal point and the walls are a fabulous grey (with a hint of purple according to Baco Noir) and the white trim makes it pop.

IronMan can't wait to start on the last themed room as it will include wallpaper and he just loves how long it takes for me to be happy with each piece and it's positioning. We are arguing over this being being an Italian themed room or English Regency. I found an 1837 date plaque in the basement and that puts us right at the end of the regency.

Having an aversion to all things Capodimonte and attraction to all things Downton Abbey, plus the fact that I'll be hanging the wallpaper, I'm quite confident that regency will reign supreme. I'll drink Italian wine in front of the fire place of course but will dream of queens and coronets when I sleep.

I addition to decorating, the mass of flower beds seem to be under control. The roots on crabgrass are fascinating - if pervasive and a pain in the ass. I can now do a weekly weed scan and pick out any lingering offenders in an hour or so. I hope to see that time decline over the coming weeks. Next year this should leave me more time to tend to vegetable gardens.

There is one patch that is thick with lilies that still has a few weeds in it. I hesitate sticking my hand in there as I often see snakes slithering about. I will get to it, I just need to pluck up the ol' courage.

We have also 'relocated' two raccoons. I can't elaborate, but rest assured they have gone on a well deserved trip and the attic is now rodent free. At least those of substantial size. I'm sure I'll have mice at my door in the fall, but I'm ready for them.

And finally, on this long overdue post, HAPPY PRIDE and CANADA DAY!!!! We made it back for a late afternoon stroll of the street, a visit to the Fire Hydrants to partake in the communal keg and an evening visit to the dollhouse. Another thing Ironman loves - when I try to jam as much as I can into a day. Good times.

In honour of pride, please enjoy Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and their fabulous anthem, Same Love.


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