Friday, September 09, 2005

3 Musketeers, a Baroness and an Island.

For summer vacation this year I over-packed my backpack (two pairs of boots and two pairs of shoes for two weeks????) and headed off to a meditation retreat in Scotland. I know, I know. Meditation? Scotland?
It was actually on an energized little island off the coast. I use the word ‘energized’ as ‘magical’ seems to whimsical and ‘mystical’ is too…..well, inappropriate. In a nutshell, it was a life altering experience that I embrace with an open mind and compassionate heart. 20 of the most wonderful people participated in the retreat. The Musketeers - hi boys! - Lord Lamlash and our leader, the Baroness Alistair Appleton, all contributed to my epiphany. And Holy Island itself gave me that much needed “re-charge”. I can’t begin to put into words the overwhelming sense of contentment and clarity that it gave me. So I won’t. The only drawback is that I lost 14 lbs and now I can’t do sit-ups as my tailbone digs into the ground – I actually managed to get a scab down there - ouch! I bring this up now as today I am off on the next step of this continuing journey - Still Point Yoga Retreat!

There are 3 things I love to do – cook and put on dinner parties, yoga/exercise and decorate. My friends and family are always saying “you should do this or that for a living.” I have always resisted earning my keep at a leisure activity I enjoy for fear of turning into something mundane. My experience on “the island” has given me a new perspective on this. If I keep looking for that “perfect” job (or perfect anything else for that matter) I am never going to find it. Perfection does not exist, life does. But enjoying the here and now, which is all any of us really have, will at least bring happiness for the here and now.

Thanks to the encouragement of those near and dear to my heart, and with my newly re-charged spirit in tow, I start down a new path. At Still Point, I will not only get mini vacations every month out of the city, but also become an accredited yoga instructor. I look forward to sharing many light and flaky moments with you!


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