Friday, July 19, 2013

What I've been up to

Well, let’s run down the list of things that have happened since we last chatted:

Toronto experienced apocalyptic flooding two weeks ago. Our home escaped any real damage. We survived it better than the poor Dollhouse Girls, we boys only had a bit of water in the cold cellar. My biggest concern came with the bike ride home. Futile best describes my waiting for the rain to stop before heading home. While craning my neck skyward, I naturally scratched mosquito bites from the weekend trip to Lonsdale.

Of note is one on my ankle that I ended up drawing blood from. Nice. Ah well, the rain would wash it away. I did not anticipate however having to ride through a foot plus of water in the “where the Ferrari was abandoned” underpass; black, foul smelling, sewer water.

For days after, all I could think was that I had contracted SARS, bird flu and / or any number of infections. Almost two weeks in, and all seems to be ok.

Lonsdale also hosted it’s first guest – Kitkat! That weekend also produced 6 cups of red currants and 6 jars + 2 servings of yummy green beans! First flowers and rhubarb and now, summer produce!

I’m afraid I wasn’t the best host as I had yard work to do and I don’t dare ask my guests to help. We did attempt a walk in the woods but were driven back by deer flies. I can deny all I want that my hair is thinning, but when those nasty buggers can get to the crown of your head and dig in, I have to question my vitamin B and headstand efforts. Alas.

I have also learned that despite having similar alcohol content, you really can’t drink sake like wine, especially after having 6 tester shots to find out which you prefer. Makes for a fun evening but not for a hangover free morning. Still, I recommend a half bottle and a visit to an izakaya. Guu, I think it’s called, on Church St, is particularly good fun.

Lastly, and it’s hard to admit, but Kitkat and Kerouac were correct. When you reach a certain age, the saying “you really dropped the ball”, takes on an entirely new meeting. I scoffed at them at some point in the last two years for saying so but unless you are wearing particularly supportive undergarments, one needs to be mindful when one sits down these days.

Things tend to hand lower than they did and if you’re not careful you become your own version of a nutcracker. Ouch.


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