Monday, August 28, 2006

The Summer of Niagara. Both of them.

Our little clan is great at hosting BBQs, dinners, games nights, Bocce tournaments and the like. Yesterday we had a feather put in our summer caps thanks to Little Lord Fauntleroy!

He took it upon himself to organize a day at the Shaw festival in Niagara on the Lake with a pre-theatre picnic and then a trip to Niagara Falls. CFB has never had the chance to see ‘The’ Falls. An evite was sent asking for play preference along with a request for picnic contributions.

After a slight delay in our departure and driving through a few thunder showers, we arrived in an overcast Niagara on the Lake. We wrangled two picnic tables right at the waters edge and laid out a feast fit for kings. There were two scrummy salads (green leafy – with poppy seed dressing - and a tomato), pecan encrusted chicken, quiche, pie, a fruit platter the size of the Niagara escarpment itself, fried chicken, crusty Italian bread, champagne and white wine. We ate off real plates, with real cutlery and drank out of wine glasses. We were the talk of the park!

It was a tad humid but the rain held off for us as we stuffed our gullets. We then sauntered to the theatre. Good thing we had the walk too. After all that food, sitting in a darkened theatre would have meant sleepy time from a carb crash.

We had settled on the Crucible. Overall I have to say it was an enjoyable experience. It could have done with one less scene and a little less squealing from the wicked girls, but I didn’t fall asleep and I actually felt like giving a standing ovation (hate doing that) at the end. I did have flashbacks to Angela Bassett in “What’s Love Got To Do With It”? You know, the court scene where Tina finally leaves Ike, says she wants nothing “except my name, all I want is my name”. In his final scene, Proctor goes on a rant about signing his name to his confession and why the evil justice system wants that too. My mind works in strange ways and I pictured him in a white pant suit waving his finger at the judge. With attitude.

You would think that would be enough for one day. For mere mortals maybe, but for five queens, two lesbians and our special guest (who miraculously went the whole day in 5 inch stilettos – including Clifton Hill!) we wanted more! We hit Niagara Falls (after a frantic search for flip flops) just in time to catch the last Maid of the Mist (nearly empty, fabulous!) and then made a couple stops on Clifton Hill. The Boyfriend, CFB, The Ching Chang Chinaman and Fauntleroy went on some drop zone type ride. If it was a straight up and down thing, I would have done it but this went up, dropped you a bit, back up, down, up, down, up etc etc.

I did manage to make it through a haunted house slinking behind (sometimes crawling on the floor) Lord Fauntleroy and The Boyfriend. Good times. It was just the shot of adrenaline I needed for the drive home. That and a quick stop at Tim Hortons for tea and water.

What a GREAT day. Snaps to you my Lordship!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sold one couch and a chair and had potato chips for dinner. sniff.


11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

snaps indeed


dollhouse gal

5:21 AM  

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