Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

As I lifted my head from its feather nest, on this the first day of the New Year, it was surprisingly clear. Despite a lengthy evening out with the Dollhouse Girls, CJ, Mr. Underpants and Fauntleroy I was up at 8:15. I owe it to my unwavering dedication to the G&Ts. Aside from one glass of bubbly to get the evening started I stayed true to one libation.

Being the first day of 2008, I wanted to kick things off with an entry on Light & Flaky as 2007 was more of a hit-or-miss sort of year. Looking for inspiration, I went back through several entries and came across “I do/I don’t” from January of 2006. Given that it has been two years, I thought it was time to revisit this concept and see how I feel.

I do/I don’t #1.
Do - as I mentioned in my Christmas entry, the Mitchell clan had a snowball fight while at my parents. My 14 year old niece had me pinned on the ground in less than 10 seconds. In my defense, she has joined the wrestling team at school and is very good. Also, she is a girl and I didn’t want to fight back too much in case I hurt her. Still, she is 14 and whipped my butt – so yes. I feel old.

Don’t – the fact that I wanted to have a snowball fight and managed to finally pin my brother.

I do/I don’t #2.
Do – a few weeks back, I went to Grapefruit with CJ and CPB. After we checked our coats and headed for the dance floor and had to go down a set of stairs. On the way I leaned on the railing for support. I used to need the railing to keep from falling down after a few too many ‘drinks’. Now, I held on for fear of falling and cracking my hip. Also, whenever I go out now, I need ear plugs. I hate the ringing in the ears the next day.

Don’t – I can still keep pace with CPB! And that is saying something. Mind you I can only do it about twice a year whereas he is more of an every weekend kind of guy. Maybe I should move this to the “Do” list.

I do/I don’t #3
Do – I went to Abercrombie & Gay (that’s right, I said it) to pick up a Christmas gift and overheard one of the sales clerks/models explain to a woman who had asked “who shops in here?” that their target audience is “18- 28 years” old. Her son or daughter had obviously gone in but she was driven back by the music and cologne. Hmmm…18 – 28 you say? That, plus the fact I was mortified to pay $53 for a t-shirt! I wanted to join to woman waiting in the mall. And another thing, at the cash, rather than the girl ask “how are you?” or “did you find everything you were looking for?” she asked me if I had tired their cologne. I told her no and that “I was all good”. “I’ll just spray some on the shirt for you then”. Ummmmm, what? It was nice and all, but really.

Don’t – even though I am clearly NOT in the A&F target market any longer, I can finally afford to shop there (not that I would pay those sorts of prices, I am too Scottish for that) AND I still look great in their snug little t-shirts. SNAPS for me!

Happy New Year everyone! Peaceful Journey and please try to live in the DON’T column, I know I will!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're 40 this year aren't you? just a decade away from 50....gettin' up there Mitchell

9:59 PM  
Blogger Robert Mitchell L.L. said...

NO. I am 39 in April thank you very much.
How rude!

10:53 AM  
Anonymous CPB said...

age is just a number ... but it is a number that represents how old you are ... maybe i miss the point of that expression

so are you and janet keeping pace with me again next friday? minimal Kylie i promise

1:11 PM  
Blogger Robert Mitchell L.L. said...

no can do...exams the next day or I would....I am in for Grapefruit in Feb though!

6:47 PM  
Anonymous cpb said...

that picture is TOTALLY becoming my facebook profile picture ... OMIGOD YOU GUYS!

9:16 PM  

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