Friday, February 15, 2008

Four boys, a pizza and a shoe.

Happy Valentines! As a newly minted single, I found myself with little to do on the great Hallmark Holiday known as Valentines Day. You know he died in prison right? I had two choices, retreat into my abode and make a date with a white wall, a brush and a can of Benjamin Moore Philipsburg Blue, or step out into the world of hand holding, glassy eyed love sick couples. Option two won out thanks to an invite from three other eligible bachelors.

KitKat, Jack, CPB and I braved the cold February weather to head out for pizza. Heart shaped pizza. KitKat and CPB started the ‘tradition’ last year with a stop at Boston Pizza where they ONLY serve heart shaped pizza on the big day. This year, the circle grew to four, and we found ourselves seated in the pizza joint at Dufferin Mall.

I am sure it was the setting, but I didn’t feel so bad about being alone. “Comparison is the thief of joy” is an expression I recently heard and quite like. But last night, I have to say comparison made me feel mildly better. There I was with three friends, laughing, chatting, being silly and generally having a good time. Throw greasy pizza in the mix and it is all good.

My fear of jealousy quickly faded as I took inventory of the ‘love struck’ couples around me. At the table next to us, the husband and wife talked incessantly. Not to each other mind, but on cell phones for the entire meal while their two kids played hand held video games. Others fought, sat in absolute silence and in one case had the male part of the equation sneak off to the bar to watch something on TV. I guess “you complete me” is not all it is cracked up to be.

I was a little put off that all the ladies got a rose though, and we were not offered any. Gosh, we were more lady than half the ladies in the place! “Oh don’t worry” said the manager, “I won’t embarrass you with a flower”. Embarrassed? I beg pardon?

After dinner we retired to Jack’s for a game of Clue that ended up with Professor Green, whacking someone in the dining room with the lead pipe. I somehow managed to end up on my head as I fished the dice out from under the couch. More laughter and frivolity.

As the three of us headed home, we passed by the local church, which happens to be joined to the local strip club. Nice to know you can sell your soul to the devil and get it back in under a city block. “Happy Valentines boys” was shouted at us from somewhere in the dark. We turned to investigate and were quickly asked for change for a coffee and for a shoe. The colorful neighborhood that it is, had the poor woman locked out of her place with only one shoe.

In a not so Mother Teresa fashion, I made a hasty retreat – into traffic. Not the best move to be sure, but at least something made my heart beat faster on Valentines.


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