Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just Like Kylie, I Can't Get It.......

Do you ever have those moments where a random song pops in your head and you can’t make it go away? Sometimes you hear the end of a song and then it happens. Or you’ll be talking with a friend about a song that commemorates some event. Wherever they come from, however they get there, it happens.

It may inspire you to visit iTunes and purchase it for the sake of nostalgia. Or even, God forbid, dig through those boxed up CDs (or dare I say vinyl albums) for a stroll down memory lane. It doesn’t even have to be a long lost song; it might be something you just heard yesterday.

Either way, it is often something funny to talk about “You know what song I keep thinking about?” or share a laugh over. I however, am currently plagued by this phenomenon. Before Christmas I mentioned to Captain Underpants that there was a song that jumped in my brain out of nowhere. It even inspired him to listen to the soundtrack.

I however, despite having listened to both the Patty Lupone and Madonna versions of Evita have the entire soundtrack trapped in my thoughts and my tongue! Every morning, before my feet hit the floor “so what happens now?” is there, or “what’s new, Buenos Aries? I’m new – I want to say I’m a little stuck on you” is out of my mouth as I prepare to shave.

I like Madonna and Patti as much as the next person (although not as much as Just Jack) but come on! What gives?

I am kind of hoping writing this will prove to be musically cathartic. Or perhaps if I pass on this affliction to a reader, it will leave me alone. You know, I give the devil another soul so I can keep my own type deal. Maybe it's both. Either way, hop on your train Eva and go back to where you came from!


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