Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What a weekend! For the first time, I went to Lake Placid to watch the annual IronMan and it was truly amazing. I have started to lay my plans for IronMan Canada 2011. This year, a full marathon. Next year a half IronMan and look out BC.... here I come.

Swimming, thanks to IronGirl, I have actually started to quite enjoy. Although I will have to take a "stay at the back of the pack" approach. I can swim, but would not like being kicked, punched or having someone swim over me. I say no. The bike, I would quite enjoy. I went on a few 9okm practices runs with IronMan, IronGirl and crew. I know it's twice that PLUS the swim PLUS the run, but with training, I am sure I can do it.
The run will be my challenge. I find it boring at the best of times and after everything else am quite sure will NOT be too eager to get up and go. Really, I just want the tattoo and right to brag about it, but it will be exciting getting ready!
Here are a few pics of the CUTEST IronMan EVER in action. Congratulations baby!


And here is IronGirl kickin' her usual ass!

So very proud of you both! See you on the course!


Blogger Blair said...

I can't even make it three blocks on my bike without it falling apart! No iron man for me! And really, this is the 21st century - shouldn't it be called "Iron Person"? :P

7:09 AM  

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