Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Panic Packing

The accompanying photo is a sample of what one needs to pack for climbing Kilimanjaro. Among the items that I would not normally take on vacation, unless it was a camping one, include a winter temperature grade sleeping bag, hiking poles & boots, 3 nalgene bottles, a poncho, sock and glove liners, a headlamp with extra batteries and a duffel bag “for porters to carry your equipment”.

While I love the idea of having staff (they’re mine for 7 days!) I usually travel somewhat lighter. And, having a flare for organization, I started to get together the more unique items months ago and placing things in the appropriate jumbo Ziploc bags to keep them dry and separate. Tops in one, bottoms in another, equipment, imperative for the plane, day pack etc.

The duffel bag I have was full but not stuffed UNTIL today, when I read at the very bottom of the page that “this gear list of required items is needed for your climb” – uh-oh. I thought that was for the trip!

Panic mode, I didn’t pack for a four day safari and a week stop-over in Poland en route home. That last part I had somewhat thought of but then realized I wouldn’t likely want to re-wear things I had been in for four days climbing a mountain. Luckily I had space and time to apply my ‘one item out of the luggage each day for a week before travel’ rule. I will have to up my game to 3 items as day, but am confident I can.

Not on the ‘essential for the climb’ list, but deemed indispensible by moi, and now in the duffel, are the following items:
• My badger shaving brush from France and a block of shaving soap.
• Clinique’s 3-Step beauty regime (if I can follow it next to an elephant dung invested river in Thailand, I can do it on a mountain)
• A tin of loose leaf tea.
• Faux fur lined crocs (recommended by a friend for night trips to the lieu)
• One tube of HBC ginger cookies (to go with the tea)
• A bottle of Hendricks Gin to celebrate with when we get back down.

Items that even I think are too extraneous (but am sorely tempted to take):
• My personal trimmer – no manscaping for 3 entire weeks! I will be a rough, hairy beast by the time I get back.
• ………….

Not much a list, but that’s about it.


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