Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Embargo Complete, More Numbers

For no other reason than ‘just because’, I imposed a jeans embargo on myself for the 30 days of November. I found denim to be my default choice for casual wear and wanted to change things up a bit. Even on official dress down days at work, I opted instead for khakis or a dandy pair of plaid slacks.

Yesterday, as I slipped on my favourite pair of A&F Baxter boot-cut low rise jeans, I noticed they were snugger than usual around the thighs and buttocks. Surely after 7 months of cycling I wasn’t getting heavier! Even though it is much easier to justifying my daily intake of tea biscuits, cake and pie, my twice daily 35 minute spin class must be burning something.

The jeans snapped up no problem-o and were quite loose on my whippet thin waist. Further investigation was required. I am normally not one to parade around the house in my gitch, total lie, do it all the time, but I had not checked out my gams for a while. The guns ~ POW POW ~ you betcha, so I trooped off to my full length mirror and I can actually say I have nice thighs and the golden globes are a little more voluptuous!

Back in the day, I used to do squats, leg presses and the like, but always had a backside as flat as a griddle and legs that looked like twigs. I guess cycling is what I should have been doing all along! I even have what they call the ‘tear drop’. Now, I’m not saying I have monstrous, vein popping slabs of beef a la Draper or Schwarzenegger, but for someone whose brother used to say “those legs are lucky, lucky they hold you up” and be quite proud of himself, I am rather pleased with the boilers.

That is what they are now called, boiler #1 and boiler #2. They are the engines that drive me to work and the name has a nautical je ne sais quoi about it. Instead of coal, they are stoked with protein and run rather smoothly, even in the wind and rain.

I am a little concerned about what will happen during their winter break, but am going to keep riding as long as I can. Working on the 19th floor might turn out to have it’s benefits ~ the boilers will be kept pumped and toned!


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