Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You will excuse me if I offer that most sincere form of flattery to Seth and Amy and ask ~ Really? Are you serious? If you don’t know what I am referring to:

So I’ve been in a bathroom stall before doing my business and can hear people next to me clicking away on there blackberry’s, cell phones and what have you. Responding to e-mails and texts, really? I know you can wash your paws after, but how do you wash your hand held device? And I mean the electronic one. I mean really?

Chatting with a former co-worker the other day and laughing at the aforementioned etiquette, or lack thereof, she mentioned that her friend thinks nothing of chatting on the phone while sitting in the WC. And there is no hiding that either, the echo alone would give away one’s locale. I know I’m not in the room, but still, really, are you serious?

But my WTF, OMG are your serious moment was today when I found an empty yogurt container, complete with plastic spoon sticking out of it, perched atop the toilet paper roll dispenser. How hungry are you, or badly did you have to go, that you couldn’t take that extra 30 seconds to eat at your desk? Really, are you serious? I mean, doesn’t that affect the flavour?

Of course, he could have needed the yogurt's help… Jamie Lee Curtis:


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