Sunday, June 06, 2010

So Close to My First Video

I hoped to entertain you all with a little video clip right in my blog a la KitKat. That way, I could be very hip. Or as the crazy kids say these days, 'cool'. Much like the first nylon fur coats of yesteryear, I am hoped to be so modern. Alas, like hoping to move on from my rotary phone, it is just not meant to be.

Still, I have to share with you this delightful little CBC clip. It commemorates the birth of the faux mink coat in Canada on June 3rd, 1949. Why they did it in June should have been a warning sign for those in the fur industry. Isn't that like trying to sell motorcycles in January or a SkiDoo in July?

I like the sales pitch more than the coat ~ "next to a rich and handsome husband, the average girl would like most to have a mink coat. And she's just about as likely to get one as the other."
I don't know about that. True, it begs the question, which comes first, the mink coat or the rich husband. But in terms of one over the other, a good mink coat can't run out on you (they are deceased when they make them you know) and as Judge Judy says, "beauty fades, but fur is forever".

Still, times were a changin' even back then, and perhaps a more genteel approach would have been better.

And what happened to the good ol' days when it was "every girls dream to own a fur coat"? What happened I ask? And why? Wear one now and your just as likely to have paint thrown on you as not. It's sad really. All those munchkin mink out there not being allowed to fulfil their destiny. Why won't you help the mink by wearing them? Why?

The news spot is also a little politically incorrect and, admit it or not, we all find a little guilty pleasure in that. If you really don't, then think of it as a history lesson. Did you know that if "a white man can fool an Eskimo on furs, you can fool anyone".

Maybe that is where the fur industry went wrong, there is just no foolin' no body no more.


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