Friday, April 09, 2010

One of the ladies that lunch

A life of leisure is what I was designed for. Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to working, it’s just that I want to do it when I want to and not when I am told. And 8 hours a day seems a little excessive. I think a 10:00 AM start is more than civilised, a two hour lunch starting at noon (one does need time for a nap) and then wrapping up at 4:00 (assuming you have someone to prepare your tea, if not, finish at 3:30). Then it is cocktail hour so you really are looking at a full day as it is.

Being off during the week is such fun! CJ and I spent the morning trying on kilts at The Scottish Company. Mother, you gotta love your parents, has it in her head that for this year’s Fergus Highland games, we all need to do the 10 km run wearing kilts. At first, I wasn’t crazy about the idea. All I could picture were what my brother calls my “lucky legs” (lucky they hold me up) sticking out from under a mass of tartan.

However, top that sucker off with a vest, jacket, shirt, tie, sporran, clan crested pin, hose, garter flashes, your skean dubh and ghillie brogues I am one hot looking haggis! I, of course, will have to upgrade my sporran for the standard ‘dress’ one. They had on display, an arctic fox version that would go a treat with my new coyote hat. There was also one, I think it was mink, that had the head flopping over the top and the mouth was the clasp.

It was tres Edward Gorey and completely delicious! CJ said veto but I think if I can get Kitkat to have a look, he will side with me. The fox might draw some undo attention to that general area, but then if people ask me “what’s under your kilt” I could always say “the rest of the fox”.

I need Fauntleroy’s official Scottish seal of approval before I proceed and it is good that I have some thinking time. I had settled on the Prince Charlie style but then saw the Sherriffmuir and was instantly drawn to it! Slightly more “look at me” but still classic. What do ya’ll think? Prince Charlie on the left, Sherriffmuir on the right. One has a ‘V’ shape, the other squared off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I veto the fox head sporran, if that makes any difference. Can't wait to see the brochure

4:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Me again. I go with the Sherriffmuir. Not so flashy as the PC.

4:58 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Definitely the Sheriffmuir. Totally modern.

7:41 AM  

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