Thursday, February 18, 2010

I've still got it

Tuesday evening, at the community centre where I teach yoga, I was signing my hours in at the front desk when I hear this little mousey voice say “now there is a handsome man”.

Excitedly, I looked around to see said handsomeness. My eyes came to rest on an elderly woman who, despite being indoors, had her large faux fur hooded jacket done up to the neck.

Realizing she was referring to moi, I blushed and said ‘thank you’.

“Do you have a young family?” she asked. Ummmm, excuse me, but do I know you? My doctor makes more idle chit-chat before the turn-your-head-and-cough test.

Caught off guard, I told her no, I did not have a “young family”. Saying I was divorced did dance through my mind but telling her that might have burst her little bubble.

“Well my granddaughter is in her first year university and she is such a lovely girl…..”

I couldn’t help but smile. That is so sweet, your gaydar is about as clear as your vision. First year, that’s what? Like 19, 20 years of age? Why would you want to set her up with a, ummm, 29 year old?

The wheels were starting to whirl in that little noggin of hers and it was time to make haste before she asked for my number. I bid her a fond farewell and headed to class with, truth be told, a little smile on my face.


Blogger Blair said...

You are very handsome! Did the old lady look rich? Will being connected to her cause you to inherit lots of money? All things to consider my dear. I shall be your grandma pimp!

7:49 PM  

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