Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Good times is what Halloween was this year! We went back to the Power House for their annual haunted house. Set on the grounds of the old Lakeshore Asylum, it is rather frightening. While I must say it was not as spooky or scary as last year (it did not seem as dark and at no time were you locked in a room with no way out) it was still well done and we certainly needed our second set of underwear.

Thing 1 and Thing 2, the youngest of our crew, got the most out of it until IronGirl thought one more fright before bed would be a good idea. As she crept down the hall, her cat ran past her providing a cover for the ‘noise heard from the hall’. Just as Thing 1 breathed a sigh of relief saying “oh Coco, it’s you”, my sister jumped in the room with a loud “boo”. Tears ensued from one party, laughter from the other.

In the end, she says she was torn, she was proud as she had never scared someone so completely in her life, but felft bad for causing a young lad to cry. She got hers however when Thing 1 squeezed into her bed for the night.

Then of course there was Fred of whom you have already read about. He is a fine addition to my Halloween stash.

The Dollhouse Girls played host to a fantastic pumpkin carving party and I must say I did two of my most successful pumpkins to date. We had no need to go trick or treating as they, as usual, put on a spread that could not be beat. It was a good thing they filled us up as it was a COLD night on Church Street. Frigid, but also successful!

We were like stars on a red carpet! Our costumes drew the rave reviews they deserved (although they didn’t get us in any express lines for getting somewhere warm). The only thing missing was triumph in a costume contest, but not getting into a bar where they had a contest, what can one expect? We found warmth and libations at Lola’s and did indeed have fun.

Next year we just need to do the street earlier and make for the bars sooner.


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