Saturday, November 07, 2009

I am a manly man, dude.

One of the side benefits to dating IronMan is a daily paper. I never bother having one delivered at home and only occasionally buy one on the weekend and it’s a nice treat to read one whenever I go over.

I recently stumbled across an article in the entertainment section about a couple that blog about the art of being manly. Brett Mckay, the ‘manly man’, has a 1970s moustache and mutton chops. His wife is not nearly as homely as I thought she would be but apparently likes her men a certain way. Well who doesn’t?

In the article they had a list of what manly men should know how to do and what they don’t do. Turns out, I am more manly than I thought. Included on said list were:

> Break down a door – this I know how to do. Kick for the area around the lock, never the hinge side.
> Perform a fireman’s carry – I can do ANYTHING related to a fireman.
> Treat a snake bite… that one got me. My ex was once stung by a scorpion on a camping trip and he lived. Does that count?
> Change a flat tire – can do and have done.
> Jump-start a car without cables. What am I, MacGyver? I know you can do it with a standard but it takes more than one person (or a downhill angle) and you pop the clutch as you get up speed.
> Start a fire without matches – even after all my Survivor watching, no. Unless I have a magnifying glass. But I am guessing if I don’t even have matches, I wouldn’t have that either.
> Cook meat or eggs on a stick – yes to the first what the hell on the second?
> Throw a bachelor party without strippers. A straight one? No problem there darling. Never been to a gay bachelor party but can’t see how different it would be from a Saturday night in the village where half the people look like peelers anyway.
> Deliver a best-man speech. If I am allowed to cry, then yes.
> Take care of a pregnant wife. This is foreign to me, but pregnant or not, shouldn’t she be taking care of the man? (LOL – kidding…. Or am I?)
> Braid their daughter’s hair. Daughter, mother, sister, girl bring it on! I could even braid my GI Joe doll’s hair when I was 3.

And a few of the “don’t do” for men were:
> Use emoticons. I don’t know what that is so I think I am good.
> Break up on Facebook – don’t even have an account and even if I did, I would still break up by text message like everyone else.
> Complain. About anything? Ever? Really, not even about my snake-bitten, pregnant wife who locked herself out of the house after starting a fire in the stove and forbade me from going to my best friend’s bachelor party because there were strippers? Whatever….everyone complains even if it’s only to themselves.

The artofmanliness blog is worth a look.... men only though. I don't think this link will work for chicks:


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