Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's All About the Numbers

It has been 3.5 months (that’s 16 weeks) since I started riding my bike to work. Each way, it is 14.8 km (according to Google maps) door – to – door. On that stretch of road / lake path, there are 23 traffic lights going and 24 coming back. On Queens Quay there is a ‘half’ light on the north side of the streetcar tracks.

During that time, I have only skipped the cycle 2 times and taken public transit ~ the $5 express. Both times were due to rain. I have still been soaked to the skin twice, both on the way home, having been caught in summer afternoon thunder showers. Quite pleasant actually as there is no one else about and it saves a shower when I get home. I jest of course. Or do I?

On my route, there are also 8562 Canadian geese. That count is, of course, subject to change as those pesky things keep moving about. Scattered about the path is a corresponding 8562 pounds of goose poop.

My advice, keep you mouth closed as you ride over those heavily soiled sections of path, your eyes too if you are not wearing glasses of some sort. It tastes just about as bad as you would imagine, especially being flung off your tire.

I save myself $13 parking everyday (if I were to drive) or $10 on transit. Come winter, I won’t have a choice, but for now, I consider that a savings. In my old job I didn’t have to pay for parking at all, but that luxury only applies in the burbs I guess. I also bought new clips and shoes at a cost of $197.56. Still, less money on gas and less wear and tear my dear Liza. I also see myself needing some warmer pants shortly.

According to the MSN calorie counter, I burn 546 calories in the 30 - 35 minutes it takes to make the trip. Good thing too, since I no longer have access to a free gym and haven’t touched a weight in 3.5 months. Thank goodness for the bike and yoga. They help me keep my whippet thin waist in tip-top shape.

I have dropped my water bottle once and done a farmers ‘nose clearing’ onto my own shoulder an equal number of times. You really need to pay attention to the wind when you do that.

The one thing I do not have an accurate count on is the number of bugs I have managed to swallow. Best guess is 10 – 15 big ones. Where you actually feel them smack into the back of your throat and there is no getting them out. One of those also resulted in the dropped water bottle.

I figure I have another 10 weeks to go but we’ll see if the constantly dropping morning temperature changes that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, $13 a day? That's over $3000 a year. Perhaps there is something to be said for the burbs?!?!?

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And that is a cash only parking lot... other than that, it's $16

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Laura said...

Go to MEC and get the pants that have the "K-way type front and the "runner's tights" on the back. Mark has a pair and he loves them for riding back and forth to work in the fall.

2:36 PM  

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