Friday, June 18, 2010

Plum cake, wine and a diva.

Just thinking about last night makes me smile. This has been a rather rough week ~ both from a work perspective with 3 days (and nights) of conference and personally for my family.

But last night, all those worries melted away as I was treated to fine friends, fine food, fine wine and, if you’ll pardon my French, one freakin’ fine piece of cake. Our Thursday nights are always fun and silly and the perfect way to ease into the weekend.

Yesterday evening though, all the elements came together to create a perfect storm. But in reverse. So whatever the opposite of a perfect storm is, is what we had. You couldn’t have asked for better weather. Warm enough to sit out but cool enough to keep the mosquito count at zero. When it did get a little chilly, Fauntleroy provided us with nice woolly blankets to snuggle under.

The Winnipeg Diva was in town and as I rode my bike around back, there she was. That girl is one good hugger let me tell you. So good to see her and hear her, in the most endearing way, pick on Fauntleroy’s expressions and accent. Why say “rose coloured glasses” when one could say “rose tinted spectacles” instead? I mean really, the choice is quite clear.

We worked through a rainbow of wine ~ starting with white, then blush, then red. There was also Pimms to kick things off. With the wine came the silly banter and inevitable descent into making adolescent jokes out of just about anything. Especially after Kitkat introduced a new term? Expression? Apt description of…..? It is called a rusty trombone. I will let you Google that yourself, but be prepared. Consider yourself warned and don’t search it at work!

In addition to educating us in the ways of the world, Kitkat hosted the evening and did he ever step up to the plate. Chicken stuffed with rosemary, BBQ asparagus and zucchini and what I must say were the best stuffed potatoes I have ever had. Me likes me some food, and that boy delivered.

He set a mighty high bar with the entrée, but easily leapt over it with his dessert. Me likes me some dessert even more than a good main. My grandmother used to make a dessert called sex in a pan; cake, peaches and cream in a pan and I must say, if memory serves, it was good.

I could get rather crude and give Kitkat’s dessert an even more explicit name, but I’ll leave that to you. All I can say is that with cake, plums and passion fruit ice cream you can’t go wrong. Thanks boys and girl, that was one for the books.

Oh, and Tuscany 2012 is a go, so start planning!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was a truly glorious can't do better than good friends, good food and a beautiful summer night. Here's to a long perfect summer with many more fabulous gatherings to look forward to! Fauntleroy.

5:54 PM  

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