Sunday, May 08, 2011

And I'm Not Even a Mother!

I love spring!

Post an early mother's day brunch, I set to work in mom's yard to get it ready for spring. As you know, this spring has been wet and cold. While I enjoy a walk in the rain as much as the next person, enough is enough. But the cool weather has meant long lasting spring flowers, and about that, I shan't complain.

After my day of toil, I helped myself to some flowers from her cutting garden (actually, it is along the side of her house where the blooms wouldn't be enjoyed anyway) and I had such a mitt full I didn't even need florist tape. Voila! Enjoy.

And, when I got home, I discovered that IronMan spoiled me further.

I know I am one lucky boy because I woke up to a house full of the scent of hyacinth and lily. Off to enjoy another fine spring day. I hope you do too!


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