Thursday, November 24, 2011

Halloween Continues

We are only 3 weeks into November, but I have seen more ghosts, goblins and zombies than I did the entire month of October, including Halloween!

Thanks to the delightful Kitkat and his internet prowess, I am keeping current with my Walking Dead viewing. I am 90% sure I drive him nuts with my ‘predictions’ about what is going to happen. Although I was pretty spot on with, spoiler alert, Otis’ demise.

Kitkat also introduced me to the simply delicious American Horror Story.

I hope between now and the age of 50 I follow in the footsteps of one Dylan McDermott. He is #3 on People’s Sexiest Man Alive list this year and I must say, well earned Mr. McDermott. I personally think you trump Bradley Cooper (forgive me Brad).

The shows creators, the same as those that brought us Glee believe it or not, did a grand job of getting you hooked on Dylan’s torso in the first three episodes but now keep it all covered up. Kitkat and I even talked Fauntleroy into watching it with the promise of a bare-chested McDermott but it’s been a dry couple episodes. Oh well, he’s hooked now and there is no turning back.

Perhaps a Glee cross-over with Darren Criss is in order. Put the two of them together with the outfit in the attic and let’s see what happens. What’s in the attic you ask? You’ll have to tune in to find out…..oh, it’s worth it.

After 50, I want to follow in the footsteps of Jessica Lange and be THAT neighbour, houseguest included. Delicious, but don’t eat her cupcakes!

Closing out the gruesome smorgasbord, is The Killing. Not as supernatural or post-apocalyptic as the other two series, this will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mireielle Enos was nominated for, and robbed as she lost, a Golden Globe for her role.

It is a remake of a Swedish, I think, show and will keep you guessing. And if you’re me, pestering Kitkat about what is going to happen next and who did it.


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