Friday, September 02, 2011

Peeves of the Week

Apes, chocolate cake and Rob Ford, I am sure you can mix ‘n match these to come up with a variety of reasons why these things go together. But for me, they compile my week’s list of pet peeves.

Apes, as in The Rise of the Plant of them. IronGirl and I went to see this movie that I have heard surprisingly good things about. I must concur with the 3 out of 4 star ratings that I have read. Good story, casting in some cases better than the acting and spectacular special effects.

The AMC audience however gets a 1 star. A mostly empty theatre raised expectations of an enjoyable movie going experience, not so. Two young brutes parked themselves behind us and yip-yapped during the previews. Feigning fear during the Paranormal 3 preview, they screamed like wee girls.

Such Tom foolery continued once Apes started to roll and I asked them to “please be quiet” and to give them credit, they zipped it. Who I assumed was their father, delayed at the concession stand, came in a few minutes later with a girl about 6 years old in tow.

During the movie, she treated us by reading the subtitles (when Caesar used sign language) and mimicking the grunting of the apes. Twice, her father said “cover your eyes for this part”. Really? Isn’t that an indicator that maybe you should have picked another movie?

Not to spoil it, but there was scene on the bridge where she started to cry. Again, really? Pretty sure Toy Story 12 is playing just down the hall. Not proud of it, but she too was asked to zip it. And, melting into her seat, she did. I hope she enjoyed her nightmares though and blue ribbon to her dad for “Parent of the Year”.

Chocolate cake, specifically chocolate stout Bundt cake. I know, sounds good right? Real Simple reeled me in with their combination of chocolate and Guinness, my typical breakfast. Despite eggs, sour cream, stout and chocolate it was disappointingly dry. Not that it stopped me from licking the pan clean like a dog.

The folks at work raved about it and while I did not deem it card worthy, I will make one more attempt at it while upping the sour cream to ¾ c. and adding a stitch more stout and a splash of milk. Stay tuned for review 2.

Rob Ford, our genius mayor. I am all for ‘cutting out the fat’, ‘stopping the gravy train’ or, insert your favourite cost saving expression here. I will also preface this peeve by acknowledging the fact that the “war on the car is over” and, as far as I can tell, has shifted to the bike.

Not sure what he can ‘cut’ or ‘stop’ in Toronto’s Recreation and Parks department but perhaps an upgrade is needed. For those familiar with Toronto’s New Blue Edge bike path, you might recall that just west of Ontario Place, it forks to the north or to the south.

With the CNE in full swing, they use the surrounding park for air show seating, parking and other sundry activities. Heading west the other day, the route to the south was fenced off with a detour sign pointing north. At the west end of the path however, it was gated and closed.

Heading east, you were forced to take the southerly route, closed at the other end. Again, truly genius. If Rob Ford and his team find any more gravy to get rid of, perhaps they will move the bike path into the lake. A tough slug to be sure but I guess you would at least stay cool.


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I have repeated tried to traumatize my children during their tender youth - it comes back to bite you when they are teenagers. that father will get his, in about 10 years...

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