Friday, July 01, 2011

Entertainment Weekly!

I may not get my mash-up dream of Rufus and Amy but I am not wanting in the entertainment department, at least this week.

Kitkat and his blog are a building force to be reckoned with. He is now getting free tickets to shows and meals at restaurants due to his legion of loyal followers. I was his “plus 1” for the Toronto premier of 9 to 5 the musical at the North York Centre for the Performing Arts.

I had often heard of Dan’s Cap productions before but clearly didn’t pay much attention as I always that it was Dance Cap (not wondering what that could possibly mean). But there is actually a man named Dan and he wears a Cap and there you have it. He kicked off the evening by introducing the show and plugging other productions that were up and coming.

Stating that the show was “direct from Kansas” made me squirm a little in my seat and I was confused as to how that was a selling point. But free ticket in my pocket and Rickard’s Red buzz going on, I decided to just go with it. I LOVED the movie growing up and it did have Dolly Parton in it for goodness sake.

‘Live’, via jumbotron, she kicked off the show and I have to say I laughed at all the right bits and generally enjoyed it. ‘Backwoods Barbie’ was worked into the mix and aside from the actor that played Mr. Hart, I thought, for what my humble opinion is worth, the characters were rather good.

During the “how we would kill Mr. Hart” number, Violet looked like Jennifer Saunders dressed for a Madonna impersonation and I was hoping she would, just once, say “darling, sweety” but it was not meant to be. Oh well.

Kitkat also got hit on at intermission, by a doctor no less, but he was quickly dismissed. If you have the time and a spare $50, I don’t think I would pay more, I say head north and take it in!

And, just last night I got to see Ms. Russell Brand at the ACC and she was a treat indeed! IronMan was all over his iTouch the day tickets went on sale and we had quite good seats for the candy and cupcakes.

After seeing her perform on SNL and reading some of the reviews I set my expectations quite low. But when Papi asked me to rank the concert, I have to say she tied for second place with Madonna’s Girlie Show which is right behind the Spice Girls (and you all know how I feel about that!)

Katy was quirky, funny and at one point went floating by on a large pink cloud. Her costumes had motorized parts and she even played the guitar. The mother next to me was overly enthusiastic about the lyrics from ET “fill me with your poison” et al. She seemed to be encouraging her daughter a little more than she should have but then again, I guess “Two Become One” by the Girls was the same in its day.

Peacock was deliciously provocative with her white gloved dancers spraying their fingers from their loins when Katy said “come on take a shot” but the 14000 14 year old girls and their mother’s seemed to think it was fabulous. I hope you enjoy being grandmothers in your 30’s.

My only criticism, slight as it is, was that she missed an excellent opportunity to plug Toronto Pride when she was singing “You’re So Gay”. You could tell she wanted to say something but she then promised the parents in the audience that she would keep it PG.

Next week my entertainment really ramps up when I get to see Mr. Hugh Jackman live and in person. The Maltese Mama knows her way around the backstage at the theatre from her stocking of Nick Adams so I might get Hugh to autograph something for me!


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