Friday, June 17, 2011


Okay, so it's not exactly the next day, I know Kitkat has already informed you all of the joy and the Glee kids have probably toured four other cities by now, but since I watched the Glee reality show last night (not a fan) with the boys, I will put my two cents in anyway.

First, the concert. It was a good deal of fun and well worth the price of admission (I was Kitkat's guest and free is always fabulous). The ACC was set up with jumbo screens if you were seated too far back but with a second stage I don't think there was a bad seat in the house.

One stage was dark while the other was illuminated. Not 30 feet in front of us we had the Warblers, Mercedes and more cheerios than were needed. My two favourite, Blaine cuteness aside, songs were also performed right in front of us.

First, Kurt and Rachel's rendition of Get Happy was amazing. And it was not back's turned to us either. They were very good at spinning around on their bar stools to make sure everyone got a look at the goods! Unfortunately, at one point, Kurt ran out of spin and had to just skid around the top. The show must go on as they say. A Friday treat for you:

Second, and no I do not have a crush on Kurt, was his version of All the Single Ladies! He even had his own army of dancers! All you Glee fans have seen that one to death so here is the hilarious version with Justin Timberlake to tickle your funny bone. Hee hee, I said bone. Not as funny without the skit bit, but still.....


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