Monday, May 16, 2011

The Answer Is So Simple!

On the weekend I was listening to Day 6 with Brent Bambury on CBC Radio and heard a story that made me think. Yes, that is possible.

He was interviewing a Mexican poet by the name of Javier Sicilia. It seems seƱor Sicilia has vowed to stop writing poetry until the drug wars in Mexico are over. His reasons are personal and profound to be sure, but I had to wonder if that same logic could be applied to other conflicts around the globe?

Perhaps an envoy dispatched to Afghanistan could wag its collective finger at the Taliban and threaten "no more mime for you!" I am sure wicked ways of the west would soon find favour with them.

And surely Kim Jong-Il would be wrapped around Obama's (not Osama's) little finger, a veritable ball of putty in our hands, if we actually followed through with our "no more Lindsay Lohan films" threat.

Who needs guns, bombs and war when we have such stash of readily available, cheaper alternatives?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

he quit writing poetry because he was heartbroken by his son's death

2:05 PM  
Blogger Robert Mitchell L.L. said...

I know, that's why I said "personal and profound" but I still don't think a drug gang will care very much....

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Javier Sicilia didn't quit writing poetry because he thought it would stop drug cartels - he quitwriting because he said poetry had no meaning to him after the murder of his son. What a strange thing to try to write a mean-spirited jokey blog post about!

9:29 PM  

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