Sunday, November 04, 2012

Halloween and an Apology

Hello once again. Three times in a week, just like I said. This post is mostly pictures from Halloween, a crappy practically washed out Halloween, but any evening out with my crew and a drink in hand is never all bad.

What is all bad, is the new season of American Horror Story. Or as I like to call it, American Horrible Story. I am so witty. After raving about season I to CJ and her beau, they have tuned in for season II. Although they both claim to be enjoying it, I can't help but feel I have sold them a bill of goods.

J'adore aliens (a la x-files, alien, space balls etc), a good exorcism (like, well, the exorcist), a good torture scene (hostel) as much as the next person, but all of them together? It's a bit like mixing gin, scotch and champagne in a cocktail shaker and slamming it back. Alone, each of these libations are delicious! Together you have a concoction reminiscent of Marilyn's pant remover in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds and a sure fire hangover.

We are three episodes in and I am hanging by a Jessica Lange thread and the promised return of Dylan McDermott. That, shirtless and strapped to a bed, now we're talkin'. I'm all in for two more episodes. Perhaps episode five will be a CJ, Beau, Kitkat get together followed by a deliberation and final judgement on whether or not to proceed.

In the meantime, here are some rather ghoulish pics from a rather soggy last Wednesday.



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