Sunday, August 19, 2012

Victory is Mine!

If you're a day late and a dollar short, does being a week late make you $64 or $325,287,296 short? I do hope it's the former as the latter makes me feel kind of bad for not writing to you sooner. Alas, that is how the cookie crumbled this time. 
It took me that long to come down off my double whammy weekend. 
First, the summer of the pie contest sweep continues (aside from that unfortunate third place Millbrook finish). Last Thursday found me tucked into a bottle, or two, of wine with Baco Noir. At midnight, we were both elbow deep in flour, pastry, apples and pears as I prepared for the Fenelon Summer Fair. 
Apparently wine goes well with pie because, once again, my double crusted apple came out on top of the podium!
AND, yes there's more, my pear ginger won the Tenderflake best pie contest of the fair. And, yes STILL more, as it was sponsored by the lard makers themselves, I was deemed the regional winner and get invited to the sectional bake-off. It's like my own little version of Glee but with more pie and less music. 
And, one last bit, as Tenderflake seems to have somewhat deeper pockets than most "here's your ribbon have a nice day" fairs, my swag bag was pretty sweet. Pun intended. Not only do I get a jumbo purple and yellow first place ribbon, but also a cookbook, BRIGHT yellow apron and a $25 gift card. Martha, we have arrived!
The next day I went to a splendid wedding, although the speeches were not as good as mine, more on the two summer weddings in a later post, and danced and drank the night away. A stickler for traditions however, IronGirl, IronMan and I were up the next morning for our annual 10km Fergus Highland Games run in honour of dad.
With Ms. Beeton and mother cheering us on, we set out with hangovers and low expectations of even finishing. Both the folks of Iron were once again, much like their experiences in Versailles and Lucca, treated to a meal of dust as I sped across the finish line ahead of BOTH of them. 
Much like last summer, I must not and will not gloat about glory, nor shall I wallow in my magnificence, or rest on my laurels for there are bigger fish to fry. 
In the weeks ahead, I am entering five more fairs. We're getting into the fall fair season and that opens up entirely new categories for me to shine in - pumpkin, blackberry and another "best in show" are where I am looking to secure further successes.
Who know, Louis Vuitton may soon be calling me for my own advertising campaign a la Michael Phelps. Switch out the tub for a big 'Pushing Daisies' pie hole style pie and the swimsuit for my Tenderflake apron and I think we have a winner! (Minus the fart bubble)


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