Saturday, August 04, 2012


Having just returned from Italy, you would think this post would be about pasta, gelato, wine, cheese, pastry, sun, sand and relaxation; well it's not. That will come shortly, but for now, let's focus on the creeps! 
There is a slight connection to Italy and this story as I am still quite jet lagged. As such, I find myself crashing, or at least wanting to, around 9:30 every night since I've been home.
The Dollhouse Girls are still in the land of the leaning tower and had left their beloved dog Kevin with friends. Said friends however were wanting to head out of the city for the long weekend and had asked if IronMan and I would doggy sit for one night. Having had the pooch before, sans problems, we said 'of course.' I secretly hope IronMan will one day warm to the idea of having a hound of our own.
Kevin had been in a house with 2 other dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids and 2 lesbians, so needless to say it was a little more quiet here. Happily, Kevin was ecstatic to see us and she soon settled right in, after being treated to some goose jerky and lemon pound cake.
My eye lids started drooping on schedule and at 9:30 I peeled myself out of my deck chair and took Kevin out for what I thought would be her evening walk. Pee, poo (with pick-up) and a little kibble and off to bed.
I was certain Kevin would sleep with us and had put her mat in the bedroom. Apparently the call of cool hardwood on the ground floor was more tempting and off she went. 
11:30 - bark bark bark. I get up to investigate. Neighbours kids were out on their front porch with friends laughing, giggling and having a good time. Was up anyway, so out we go, pee. 
1:30 - bark bark bark. Bark bark bark. No kids, all is deathly quiet but the motion light has been tripped in the backyard. Hmmm. Certainly a passing racoon I say to myself as Kevin has settled down and seems bothered no longer.
I am about to head upstairs, half pitched tent in sleeping shorts and pass the dog leash. Kevin's sad eye's glisten in the dark so I pull on a jacket, hook up Kevin and head out for a 'quick' walk. And it was very quick.
First, I didn't have on glasses or contacts in, so I was walking nearly blind. Second, it was at least 27 degrees and the jacket I grabbed was one of IronMan's lined workout hoodies. So there I am, thin shorty-shorts, unzipped jacket and flip-flops, and what do I hear? 
The extra super duper creepy whistle song from American Horror Story. In case you don't know it, have a listen. 20 feet in front of me and around a corner, so I couldn't even blearily see them, was a girl (?) and that is the ringtone on her cell phone!!!!
I couldn't make out if it was one of the cast of characters from the show but I didn't want IronMan to find me hanging from the oak tree in the front yard when he awoke so Kevin and I beat a hasty retreat. I kicked myself for not having locked the front door when I left, not for being 43 and spooked by this event, and of course feared "the twins" were now waiting for me. 
Kevin slept soundly the rest of the evening. Me, not-so-much.


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