Sunday, March 25, 2012

Million Dollar Idea

Two blog posts about pillows you say? Madness I know. Right out of the gate, acknowledging this COULD be perceived as being in bad taste and /or being too soon. But it could save lives, so, for the record here is a million dollar idea.

Picture it; you've had a bad day at work, or you've had a fight with your partner / spouse, the kids are driving you crazy or you just need some alone time? Like millions of others (see, $1 per person = million dollar idea) you pour yourself a glass of wine and run a bath. The candles are flickering, Josh Groban is drowning out the bellowing of your no-neck monsters and you ease into that almost too hot suds topped water.

Last night at IronGirl's we were chatting about this very thing. Baco Noir's sister said one has to be careful though as she has fallen asleep several times in the bath. I myself have had to flop myself over the edge of the tub in quest of the cool tile floor after one too many Hendrick's Martinis' in a piping hot bath.

Solution, we've all seen those c-shaped travel pillows that wrap around your neck. Now, picture one that is inflatable and has an adjustable strap at the front to complete the circle. Combine fond memories of childhood with a personal safety message, mix with a jazzy marketing campaign and BAM the Whitney Houston Water-Wing is born.

It would be slightly larger than those you see currently and could start out as padding between your melon and the tile wall behind you. And as you start to dose off, presto change-o, instant personal floatation device.

Good idea right? Regardless of your substance of choice you can bathe with confidence. Mind, you might wake up in some rather tepid, potentially 'soiled' water, but you would "rise" above it. See? So many ways to market this one.


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