Sunday, March 11, 2012

Princess and the Pea

Maltese Falcon recently moved from a 2100 sq. ft. 2 story, 3 bedroom suburban house (with a finished basement) that she was sharing with her mother to a scant 1000 sq. ft. 2 bedroom condo in downtown Oakville. And she still shares with her mom.

Naturally, there was A LOT of thinning out and purging to do. She had a massive garage sale, hit Kijiji and CraigsList with gusto. Compromise was the order of the day for both her and her mother. Out went Maltese's stack of cake pans and her mother's overflowing wardrobe was more than cut in half.

It was a somewhat easy 'sell' as most things no longer fit said mother and she was holding onto them for sentimental reasons. Lucky for me!

One thing to go was her mink coat! The lining had seen better days, Maltese would NEVER wear it and her mother, being a fan of moi, said I could have it.

Yes, I tried it on and was tempted to keep it. Alas, it was too short in the sleeves and, as mentioned, the lining had to go. What is a boy to do with a fantastic fur?

When I got word poor Whitney Houston passed on, I remember reading many moons ago, that she had a mink bedspread. When life hands you lemons....... My new found coat wasn't big enough for that but it was big enough for two fabulous pillows! (see photo)

Finally, I have something worthy of laying my precious head on at night. Ahhhhhhhh. I think I even have enough left from the two sleeves to make one kick-ass bolster.

That's a project for another day. Off to bed nice and early to give them a test run.


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