Monday, December 12, 2011

Dollhouse Redemption

Blue Girl, who resides in the dollhouse, just down the street, failed to see how she could be to blame for my new found obsessive concern about my impending waddle. I hope she will be somewhat placated with the knowledge that the pendulum of blame has now swung the other way.

From the same “what book makes you laugh out loud” article in Real Simple, I have found a little slice of heaven. Christopher Moore’s Fool retells Shakespeare’s King Lear from the point of view of a court jester.

Included in this tale are quick witted clowns, back-talking ravens and interrupting ghosts. This cast of characters turns the normally devastating tale into something hilarious. A few select gems that have quite literally had me laughing out loud include:

  • "Well done lass, not so much as a comma between grief and robbery, and much the better when he's still so fresh his fleas have not sailed to livelier ports. The church wears well on you."
  • "I was seven before I realized that you could breakfast with your pants on."
  • "I have it on good authority that her feet are like ferryboats. They strap them up under her gown to keep them from flapping when she walks."
  • Drool pulled the dampened kitten out of his mouth. "But it were licking me first. You said it was only proper manners -" "I was talking about something completely different. Put the cat down."
  • A hundred brilliant witticisms died suffocating on the captain's heavy glove. Thus muted, I pumped my codpiece at the duke and tried to force a fart, but my bum trumpet could find no note.
  • "Did you know, in Portugal they canonize a saint by actually shooting him out of a cannon?"

    I know these might seem like right mad ramblings, especially without the context of the novel itself, but they are bloody brilliant is what they are.

    If you are after a good chuckle over the holidays, are maybe best you wait until February when the mid-winter blues set in real well like, then this is the place to find it.

    Might even have to resurrect ye olde book club so I can spread the good word. Bum trumpet indeed.

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