Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I take it back

Let’s tally the score shall we – Mother Nature 1, Jack Front, in cahoots with aforementioned Mother, 1, Robert, 0.

It was not the 100 Years War, not even the 7 Year War. Rather, more like a 72 hour war and I concede defeat. The white flag is waving and once again nature has triumphed over man, at least this one.

‘Unseasonably warm’ is how this January has been described to date. No snow or ice on the path has indeed been a blessing as I cycle to work each morning. But mix together a light lake breeze, near freezing temperatures and thin bike tires and you have a recipe for Jack Frost to be mischievous.

As I rounded a corner this morning the back tire of my bicycle slipped out from under me. Quickly following was the front tire and the rest of Molly. Gravity then went to work on what Fauntleroy calls my ‘hefty’ hips as I smashed to the ground.
Based on the bruising, gash in my jacket sleeve and road rash, my left elbow appears to have made contact next. The last bit to fall victim was my ego. Quickly looking around for witnesses I jumped up, brushed myself off and tried to peddle away only to find my chain had also popped off.
Hobbling to the grass, a fellow cyclist that I had fortunately passed before turning the corner so he did not see the spill, stopped to query if everything was okay. “Chain just popped off” I murmured as I massaged my hip.
I took not sliding into a fence, tree or the lake as a sign Mother Nature wasn’t exerting her full wrath. Rather, she was giving me a chance to reflect on my “bring it on” attitude.

Well Mother, you win. I will heed this most fair warning and take the opportunity apologize for my action.

I hate to admit defeat so easily, but at my age, one needs to mind their hips as they tend to be prone to breaking.


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