Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary

I am not sure "happy" belongs in the title, but since I am half way through a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, and a tin of foie gras, why not?

Previous blog postings have illustrated my interest / fascination / enthralment (call it what you will) with all things Titanic. For the past few months, news agencies have been telling and retelling countless stories about the ill-fated "ship of dreams."

James Cameron re-released Titanic in 3D. Thank you, LYB, for taking me as part of my birthday. Great to see it in IMAX but must say the 3D didn't do much for me.

I had hoped that one of the fancy hotels in Toronto would host a "last supper" event but it was not to be. And I found out too late that there were two cruises planned that would retrace the planned route on this, the 100th anniversary, of her maiden voyage.

Alas, they were both sold out. And yes, I would have paid the $10,000 for the best suite. Mind, for the money, I would have expected that complete experience. One of the cruises said they would "recreate everything except for the sinking." Come now, for that kind of gravy, give everyone a wetsuit, make sure there were enough lifeboats (we can change that ONE detail) and poke a few holes in her side. That's what insurance is for.

So with no 5 star, 12 course dinner, and not a cruise to be had, I decided to make my own commemoration at home. This morning, I had my houseboy (that's me) prepare fresh currant scones and had a lovely pot of tea as I watched 'the other' Titanic movie, A Night to Remember.

As much as I would have loved to savour my cuppa in the Titanic china now on offer at William Ashley, that Kerouac thoughtfully sent me a photo of a couple weeks back, my Scottish nature will not allow for such extravagance.

Having several china patterns, I know that this too will be discontinued one day (sooner rather than later I should think now that the 100 year hype is over) and I will be able to snap it up for a fraction of the price on any number of 'replacement' type websites.

Now I sit among a stack of Titanic books, looking at the pictures more than reading if I am to be completely honest, and admiring the piece of flooring from her sister ship Olympic that Kitkat gave to me as a gift years ago. That boy can find ANYTHING on the net.

For those with a similar interest, I hope your day is as nice as mine. Must dash however, as my glass is near empty. Not topping it up would be a tragedy indeed.


Blogger Blair said...

You could have sat in a row boat in a tux with your champagne while we chucked ice cubes at you. Maybe next year.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Robert Mitchell L.L. said...

It's a date.
See you in a year.

4:29 AM  

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