Friday, April 06, 2012

Surely I have mentioned before that I have been accused, I think that’s a justifiably strong word, of being high maintenance. While I have argued that in the past, the other day I myself felt the need to add the word ‘ungrateful.’

Rather considerately, IronMan made the bed before heading off to work and 5 minutes after he peddled away I saw that the duvet wasn’t squared at the end; one corner hanging lower than the other. I set about correcting this bed making mistake and soon found myself re-fluffing the pillows, re-making his version of “hospital corners” and re-arranging the bolsters and “lookin’ pillows.” In short, I remade the entire thing.

I take part of the blame for my fastidious, fussy ways as I come by it naturally. I won’t say which of my parents I get it from, but you can likely guess. My behavior has recently been accentuated through the reading of “Home Comforts: The Art and Science of Keeping House.” Once again, the dollhouse girls are partly to blame here as it was a recommended read in Real Simple.

There were no “a-ha” moments for me whilst I read the book but it was interesting none-the-less. Some suggestions, like taking out the garbage every night, are a little excessive given that I live alone and my dry dustbin can take weeks to fill.

One thing it did do was get me excited, perhaps sadly, about spring-cleaning! After 4 years, IronMan knows to steer clear of the bedroom every 3 months. Especially when the seasons change. Sheet changing aside, this is when the mattress gets rotated, and maybe flipped, the mattress pad washed and air-dried and seasonal sheet changes take place.

Yes, I iron the sheets & pillowcases and drying aside, can easily spend 2 ½ hours making the bed just so. I could probably cut this time in half if I had a sheet press so that is going on my Christmas list for sure.

As it is also Easter weekend, and I am hosting, I had to iron a tablecloth. Again, sadly, I get quite chuffed when I get one pressed just so and today I delivered the Mecca of pressing perfection. Starch, spray bottle and iron in hand, I got that sucker so flat I actually took a picture to share with you.

Before setting the table tomorrow, I can guarantee you that I will stop each time I walk by that table to admire my handy work.

I know, I know, pride is a sin, but ladies, that is one fine looking table!


Blogger Blair said...

Two and a half hours making the bed? I can understand two and a half hours of messing it up....

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure that tablecloth is straight on this end?

5:27 AM  

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