Monday, October 17, 2005

Yoga Boot Camp - Part Deux

Wickedly perfect – that is the only way to describe the weather on my return trip to StillPoint. Cold and extremely windy with the occasional passing shower. Whitecaps breaking on the bay while a raft of ducks huddled on a sandbar ignoring them and the hail. I call this perfect weather, but that is because I was indoors, next to a woodstove, watching it through a bay window, twisting into various asanas. A few remaining apples inanely clung to tress, as if the buds and blossoms of next spring will make room for them.

Back inside I managed my first unassisted headstand. Pardon my ego here for a moment, but YIPEEEEE for me! Also on MY insides, I learned that chili and yoga is not a match made in heaven. After our practice on Friday night I ate my way through three bowls of delicious vegetarian chili. With eyes larger than my stomach, I loaded up on kidney beans and tofu without regard for my fellow yogis. To add insult to injury, our salad also had raw red onions and broccoli. I giggle at the word flatulence, so you can imagine how I laughed while I was in plow on Saturday morning. Thankfully it wasn’t partner yoga!

Thanks to my friend Dallas (yes that is really her name, and no, she is not a stripper – although she could be) I am working to fix my pelvis. Apparently it has a posterior tilt to it or some such thing. Who knew? All these years I had been deliberately tilting my butt outwards to get over my white-guy-has-no-ass-itis and it was doing me harm!

As with my first weekend, I struggled to get my head around the chanting thing. It wasn’t as abundant this time, but even as we did our “OM” before starting practice, I would look expectantly at the door. Wondering when the DEA would smash in with battering rams looking for David Karesh. “Oh my. What flavour did you say this Kool-Aid was? Grape? No thanks then, none for me, it stains my teeth.”

Sunday afternoon came far too quickly again and I was not pleased to go. Bring on weekend 3! But please, no more chili!


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