Saturday, January 07, 2006

They're A Girls Best Friend Too.

After a recent visit with the golden girls in the doll house I have to share a couple stories. The Pink Lady’s bio mom was there with her jack russell terrier Alice, and Diamond Don was there with his shitzu Jasper. Naturally, our conversation turned to the topic of dogs and dog stories.

My brother, who is for the record, an animal loving person, was on duty one night and got a call about a barking dog. One of his officers responded and found a dog running around loose barking all sorts. He caught the dog, and after inquiring at nearby houses, found himself in possession of it. Due to recent cut backs, there is no pound open after 6:00 pm and they were not about to keep the mutt at the station. Being in the country, they felt the best thing for the dog would be some late night exercise, a 10 km run for example. Long story short, the dog was, ummmmm, let us say emancipated out on one county line or the other.

Unfortunately, the next day a lady called the station wondering where her dog was. It seems she had let her dog out, on purpose, as she was going away. Errrr, okay. Her neighbour informed her that the police had been out asking about the dog but they had failed to mention it was hers. Nice. Needless to say, several of the towns finest were soon on their way to the release site. After receiving a stern lecture about freeing animals in the country from an 80 something farmer’s wife, they got the pooch back from her.

Loofah, my beloved Doberman, was a big fan of food. Anything edible really. I had to ban her from the kitchen after a plate of raw chicken disappeared and more than one steak ended up down her greedy little gullet. Right off the counter! She also had the nasty habit of eating Jay-cloths - those blue dish-wipe things. Like I said, anything edible. No big deal really as they are cheap. The problem was on, shall we say, the back end. More than once I found myself in the backyard wearing latex gloves assisting one of these blue wonders out of her backside. Yuck!

But my favourite story is of one of the Pink Lady’s relations who can’t stand her neighbour. She has named her female dog ‘Kathy’ - this name is shared by said neighbour. Now whenever she wants to call the dog in she opens the backdoor and yells “Kathy you little bitch, get in here.” Too funny.


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