Monday, July 03, 2006

It Is A Small Gay World

Just back from seeing Superman Returns (and if that red ginch gonch isn’t enough to get you to the theatre, let me just say it gets wet at one point too) and while Brandon Routh was there hovering over our little planet, I thought to myself (much like Peggy Lee) “is that all there is?” It seems so small. It was not until I hit the lobby though that I realized just how small this little blue marble is.

Who do I run into but my friend Maher. From Dubai. And not only that, he is with the boyfriend’s friend Natalie (aka Fat Girl). I just added a link to her blog like 3 days ago. I have never met her before (love your writing and girl I have not idea where you think you need to lose weight from) and what are the odds that my friend would be friends with my friend’s friends? And that we would all run into each other in a cinema lobby? Small world indeed. And pink too.

I also have two super fantastic people visiting from the UK this week. It seems like such a distance to go. But is it really? A visit to Montreal and Quebec city were on the agenda and that is a six hour drive, so why not sit in a plane for six hours and hop across the pond? Given the price of petrol nowadays, it is almost as cheap. There is the whole adjusting to time zone thing, but to spend time with people you like, I think a couple sleepless nights and red eyes is a small price to pay.

I met Michael last year on Holy Island and we have managed to keep in touch. And true to his word in the Glasgow train station, he came for a visit. I had never met his husband Andy before, but he is important to Michael and therefore, by default, is important to me. That and it turns out, if I can borrow an olde (see what I did there? Added an “e” at the end to make it cute) English phrase, I like the cut of his jib.

People say that technology is making the world smaller and turning it into a global village. And much like a village, you best keep your eyes open as you never know who is around the next corner! Gotta love it.


Blogger With Love, Fat Girl said...

Yesterday was NUTS, you're definitely right about this small blue marble. It freaks me out every time that my friends are your friends, and from a country that's a zillion hours flight away.

Thanks for the reading, the blogroll, and the compliment! Mwa! That's a kiss.

However, for posterity, can it be added that I'm straight and lovin' it?!

10:06 AM  
Blogger Lance Morrison said...

When I went to San Francisco in Sept. 2001, I stayed at the cutest B&B in the Castro. There, I met an Australian Lesbian, Jen. Jen and I got on famously, as did my ex and three other guests of the B&B. The six of us drank, danced, ate, shopped and had a blast.

When I got back to Yellowknife, I was showing my travel agent/friend my photos. In one picture, you see Jen, and my travel agent/friend's friend (also an Australian lesbian) said, "Is that woman's name Jen?"

It turns out, Jen is best friends with Fiona. They met a million years ago in Perth and have been best friends ever since. She just got an email from Jen telling her about her great trip to San Fran and these two great Canadian Boys she met… who turned out to be my ex and I.

A small gay world indeed.

8:03 PM  
Blogger With Love, Fat Girl said...

Wow. You two are such gay magnets.

Notwithstanding, I suppose that's a *pretty* damn good thing

8:33 PM  

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