Saturday, September 16, 2006

Here we go again!

The humidity has faded, the leaves are starting to turn and the prepping of sweaters and boots for winter is well under way.

Tis also the season when Lord Fauntleroy, KitKat and I gather each Thursday night to watch TV fluff that goes by the name of Survivor. We squeal as the hotties peel off their shirts (this season JP, Adam and Brad are generating a good number of cat calls), booing those we despise and cheering for our favourites (Colby, Bobby Jon, Jed, Robb and Burton are a few of my picks). Being the dizzy queens we are, we even lay claim to “my” man. We are still waiting for the Survivor Hottie tour to hit the ACC. Or my living room. You know, whatever.

Before sitting down in front of the boob tube for the season premiere, we toasted with greyhounds, feasted on Leek and Potato soup with Fennel and Watercress, Pork with rice stuffing and roasted zucchini. This was topped off with grape pie. I know! Grape pie? I had never heard of it myself but the Girls in the Dollhouse gave me a retro pie book recently and there it was. Yummy!

A storm of controversy has preceded this seasons “Cook Islands” installment of our much loved (and friendship forming) show. The four tribes have been divided by ethnic background. White (P.C. Caucasian), Black (P.C. African American), Oriental (P.C. Asian American) and Hispanic (P.C.?). If anything, I think this “social experiment” (as CBS is calling it) has made the show this year. For anyone at CBS who happens to read this, our Survivor Club would like to suggest a couple other sure fire hits:

1 – Gays vs. Lesbians vs. straight boys vs. straight girls

2 – The UN season. Each contestant only speaks their native tongue and no two speak the same language. Picture it, someone speaking Hindi to someone from Holland? A translator’s nightmare to be sure, but oh what fun it would be!

KitKat is a Halfanese (half white, half Japanese), Lord Fauntleroy is an immigrant and we are all gay so we feel we have license to make a few non-PC comments during the show. For example, the first immunity challenge involved puzzles and brain power. “The Asians have this one in the bag” I said. And sure enough, they won.

Second was the Hispanic team. There were loads of shots of JP’s huge pectoral muscles and we all screamed with glee as his team climbed to victory (secretly wishing we were the ladder). I have to admit I then started to cheer for the white team. But that had more to do with keeping Adam on the show than anything else.

In the end Sekou got the boot and deservedly so. As in every other season, the first one to lay around on the beech saying how hot it is, is the first to go. He wasn’t much eye candy either, so our use of tissues was minimal. Except for when KitKat spilt his drink.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy the racial thing is fan-tas-tic! It's hard to wave the race card when everyone on your tribe is from the same back ground. Perhaps the idea is a tad controversial, but it mirrors reality - well, as much as reality t.v. can. Ethnic groups tend to stick together - hence, Chinatown, little Indian, Little Italy, Little Portugal, etc.

Except for us half breeds - we are the chosen people - sent to bring love and beauty to all. Tra la!


10:32 PM  

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