Wednesday, February 27, 2008


CPB is no longer my friend. He is my S.F.V.F. That is even better than your B.F.F. from high school because it is your Spice Friend Viva Forever. Trying to explain the time we had is near impossible. It was SO good – the last Spice Girls concert. Possibly ever and WE were there.

I almost cried when I heard we were going to get 10 cm of snow. There is no way I would make it from my yoga class to downtown in an hour. It was too late to get a sub, so I Spiced up the yoga class and made the best of it. And then the Spice Gods smiled on me. There was NO traffic at all. I mean none. Not even getting off at Spadina! I rolled right through the first green light and into a primo parking spot.

Not once did our asses touch the seats after the show started. We had everyone around us dancing and singing. (No, no, it was US, not Mel B, Mel C, Ginger, Posh and Baby Spice. Us. CPB and I.). Whether they wanted to or not, the people danced. Dance, or we step on your feet and make you move. We did our Karen and Jack belly bump (a little too often truth be told) but more often than not, we just smashed into each other at random as we were too excited to concentrate.

Maybe it was the $13 beers or those five sassy ladies from across the pond but likely a bit of both. It was electric. I also managed to successfully annoy everyone at work today. Ever conversation began and ended with, “did you know I went to the last Spice Girls concert last night? And whatever you said just now, or are about to say, holds no interest for me. Unless it is spice related.” And when asked, “How are you?” “Spicey” or “Spicetastic” was my answer. Gosh I am a freak.

The fact that I made it to work at all is worth noting. Hopped up on Spice juice, CPB and I headed for Karaoke at Crews in the village. I hated CPB for a spilt second when he announced he didn’t have to work the next day. But it was for like a nano-spice second so it doesn’t count. We also managed to convince Wong Fu that it was in his best interest to get out of bed at 10:30 on a Tuesday and come out. Spice T’s on, we took the stage for a rousing rendition of Stop! Luckily, the person before us sang a VERY mellow song so the crowd was ready to be whipped into a frenzy and whip we did. Oh yeah. We were then asked by one of the drag queens if we would be back up dancers for her Spicy number. At least I think we were asked?

Pints, and apparently vodka shots, are cheaper in the village than at the ACC. Time flew and even after spilling out into the street, we headed south for some reason. As we passed George’s play, we heard more Spice in the night air. Dashing in, we danced for the one song and left. Fu headed south while my S.F.V.F. and I headed north. Passing by Crews again, Spice Up Your Life lured us back in.

Our last stop of the night reinforces my theory that McDonalds at 2:00 AM is par excellent! Made all the more excellent by Spice t-shirts.


Anonymous Gervictemmanie Beckhallibunrownholm said...

That was the spiciest account of a spice-tatic night that ever was spiced. The Spice Girls themselves are all spiced up over how spicey that spice was.

Cheers SVFV to a night that shant be out spiced for sometime spice years to come.

and PS, we were never asked to be backup, but were more then willing to volun-spice our spice skills

Spicely yours,

SCPB (any guesses as to what the S stands for?)

8:16 PM  

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