Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things I Will Miss

I will state upfront, that yes, family and friends top the list of "things I will miss". But as they are people and not things, they are not included.

It's a bit like getting ready for Christmas this preparation for climbing Kilimanjaro. There are lists to be made, they must be checked twice. Then, similar to wrapping, you have the packing and you need to make sure your kitchen is in order. You wouldn't want to come home to things growing in your refrigerator. It's kind of the reverse order though as your fridge is Grinch bare as opposed to so full you use the coldest part of your garage for overflow.
Over the last couple of days, I have removed a few select items from my luggage and decided there is no point in even attempting to pack others. Thought about it, yes, but they are too impractical. I suppose I will enjoy them all the more when I get home.
  • My sonicare toothbrush and my tongue scraper. This may seem somewhat shallow on the surface, but since using this one-two combo, my days of bleeding gums are a thing of the past.

  • My new California King duvet. The old one was fine, but I always found the cover too large for the stuffing so it was always sliding around. This new one though, I LOVE! It fits perfectly and is like sleeping under a layer of sponge cake. Not that I have ever actually been under a layer of sponge cake, but it is 5 inches thick and toasty as can be. I am sure my camping pad and sleeping bag will be just as nice.

  • Yoga - I will TRY to do some while away. That didn't work out so well in France and was only two weeks. I did go yesterday for a good pre-climb stretch. And yes, I know you can't 'pack' yoga, but I did take out my folding mat that was supposed to inspire me. Maybe the mountain will do that.

  • My lemon press. Every morning my kidneys get a flush of lemon water. If lemons are on hand I will still attempt ~ and it might help mask the taste of those awful purification tablets.

  • Work. Ha! So kidding.

Apparently you can get Internet on Kilimanjaro, so I might do a quick photo post from the top. If not, see you in three weeks.


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