Friday, February 08, 2013

Snow math

1 missing what turned out to be last eastbound streetcar by 30 seconds +
45 minutes waiting for another +
1 express bus so packed to the gills could not get on +
1 person with a smartphone figuring out no other streetcars are coming +
1 giving up and starting to walk home half-hearted idea +
1 re-think to take bus north to subway =

2 hours late for work.

Add to that,

1 "wow, I timed that really well" streetcar ride home +
1 "are you kidding me with this?" two blocks later b/c of a dumb-ass Fedex truck parked ON the streetcar tracks +
1 "it's only 2 blocks to the subway so let's walk" +
1 relatively smooth ride to transfer at Y&B +
1 platform so packed I actually was worried someone, namely me, was going to get shoved onto the tracks while having to wait for
2 trains =

Getting me to woodbine station where we add

2 southbound buses that could not exit the station because it had not been cleared +
1 TTC snow plow +
said snow plow sliding into the side of one of said buses +
2.4 km hike home because those buses were going no where =

Toronto's worst snow in 4 years & my joyous commute today and reason 649 why I prefer my bike

Had planned to be home in time for a nice tea, but now, it will just keep me up all night. I'll just have to enjoy my Judge Judy with wine instead.

Really pretty out though. I must say.


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