Monday, August 26, 2013

Meat hand, trees and harvest

Despite my last post where I extolled my own culinary skills, I managed to turn my pinkie finger into ground beef while, of all things, frying an onion. I wasn't actually frying the onion at the time, I was putting the onion in very hot oil when it decided to leap from the pan and disfigure my sixth favourite digit.

Prolonged ice bath and kisses from our new roommate did nothing to stop the blister and subsequent blood and ensuing goo. It actually doesn't hurt that much as third degree burns are so bad they burn off the nerve endings so there is nothing to sense the pain. Gross.
And I STILL haven't heard back from MasterChef Canada yet. I know people who were declined have been told 'no' and that they've invited people back for the Top 50 category so I think I'm in limbo land on a "maybe" list. Time will tell.

My damaged digit got little rest this weekend at Lonsdale. As I rounded the corner of the house heading for the front door, I found a 60 foot tree sprawled across the front lawn. Silver lining, it had fallen away from the house and didn't even hit the downspout. It came a little too close for comfort and an arborist will soon visit to inspect the rest of the trees.

Ever efficient IronGirl was on it like a tick on a june bug and with the help of the chainsaw, we had that timber sliced, diced and moved in about 4 hours. As we made like a termites, we checked out pintrest and have decided to make a side table, with a fierce whitewash, out of one of the chunks.

And on a less destructive note, the tomatoes are in! 7 pounds of cherry sized ruby jewels of goodness are on their way to giving me my first canker of the season. Can't wait!

Now that we've finally got some heat, they are starting to ripen but the cool dry weather also made them deliciously sweet. Fine soup and pasta sauces are on the way.


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