Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Liza with a "Z"

I gave Mother Nature a hug today. What the hell have you done? After much searching and debating, my dear Lucy has been replaced. She is as shiny as a black patent leather shoe and moves like the wind!

Her name is Liza after the one and only. Why Liza? Well, the trend seems to be that my vehicular modes of transport are named after some quintessential element of their namesake. Evelyn for her size, Betty the Bitch for her pimp like qualities, Lucy for her redness and now Liza for that Cabaret hair cut and colour. Also, if she needs to go to the garage for any reason, I can say she is in rehab.

I had toyed with the name Anna in honor of my long lost high school friend. Well, she wasn’t really my friend in high school. She was in my brother’s year. I knew of her through her brother David (who was in my grade). And he was friends with Randy Stevens. And he (Randy) kept a bully from beating me up in the 8th grade. And then, by the 10th grade I was very glad that tight acid wash jeans were in fashion and that Randy had a pair. And then there was the time Randy got his head shaved as part of his initiation to the local hockey team. That was such a good day. Sorry, where was I?

Right, naming Liza. After speaking to Pink Girl though, I decided against Anna as it might be misconstrued if I said things like “I really drove Anna hard last night” or “That Anna is a temperamental bitch”. So Liza it is.

It has been quite a change in going from Lucy (a 6 cylinder SUV) to Liza (a 4 cylinder Echo) but my first trip to the gas bar made the transition more exciting. She only drinks about $35 at a time (obviously not from my side of the family) and in a full week of traveling back-and-forth to work she only used half a tank! Half!

We have grown quite close in this first week and I hope our relationship will be long lasting and fruitful. I only hope that she is not taken from me like Lucy was. I don’t think I could handle that again.


Blogger Hopper said...

hey there... just sort of stumbled through here hitting on the book links i've got down as my favs... not many of us have The Woman in White listed... I'm also a big fan of Watership Down that you've got listed... interesting blog and as a fellow canuck i can empathize with your thoughts on the snow in the second post... what a mess...

12:53 AM  
Blogger Lance Morrison said...

Let's hope people call her "Lisa" by mistake - then you can sing them the whole song:
"It's Liza With a 'Z', not Lisa with a 'S', cause Lisa with an 'S' goes 'Ssss' not 'Zzzz'. It's 'Z' instead of 'S', 'Lie instead of 'Lee'. Simple as can be, see 'Liza'"

10:55 AM  
Blogger Lance Morrison said...

When do we get to see pictures?

10:55 AM  

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