Monday, March 03, 2008

The Near Death of a Legend

When Evelyn left my life, she was belching black exhaust like some poor chain smoker. Betty was put out of her misery when she was put out to pasture and sold for parts. Now, my beloved Lucy is in hospital fighting for her life.

Yesterday, after a lovely day with my parents, I picked up Fauntleroy and Muscleman Jim to go to an auction preview. As we headed along Lakeshore, the person in the lane to my right decided he wanted to make a left hand turn. So he did, into my lane. I pressed on the horn with both hands and the brake with both feet. Lucy’s new tires dug into the pavement as the horn screamed out. But it was too late. Much like the Titanic steaming towards her iceberg (you knew I was going there right?) Lucy skidded into her Chevrolet Lumina.

With a bang and a crash we came to a stop as said Lumina continued his turn. He finally stopped while I got out and inspected the damage. The poor dear had her entire face mashed in! Both the right and left fender, the hood, grill, bumper etc. Her engine gave a pathetic little whine as I turned it off.

“I didn’t know you could drive in that lane” was the other drivers comment as I approached, pen and necessary paperwork in hand. He was referring to the fact that I was in the lane with the streetcar tracks. “What if I had been a streetcar? Why didn’t you check for one of those things coming?” These were the questions in my mind. In mild shock I guess, I simply asked if everyone was okay and sat down to exchange details.

The jury is still out on whether Lucy will make it out of the operating room or if there will soon be a new lady in my life. For now, Veronica, a sassy redheaded Versa is in my garage. She is feisty, but she is no Lucy. I have every confidence that Lucy will pull through – she is of a hearty stock.

We never did make the preview, but I am going to the sale on Wednesday anyway. Ill-fated or not, I am going to look at that couch!


Blogger Lance Morrison said...

Is there a place that we should send flowers to? Or a "Get Well Soon" card?
What garage is she at? Uh.... I mean hospital.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous dollhouse diva said...

Poor Lucy! And her poor driver! Glad to hear that everyone (except the unfortunate redhead) survived unscathed. The lapsed Catholics will pray to St. Frances of Rome (patron saint of motorists), St. Fiacre (patron saint of cab drivers - you were ferrying passengers, after all) and St. Elgius (patron saint of metal workers so Lucy's surgeons will have steady hands!) for her speedy recovery.

the dollhouse gals

4:47 AM  
Blogger Blair said...

That truck had a lot of good memories for all of us - but without you, Lucy is just another vehicle. I'm glad you're o.k. sweet heart.

5:42 PM  

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