Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gentle readers, I again find myself having to apologize for not writing sooner. I haven’t had two minutes next to each other to do so for quite some time. I guess I should count myself lucky to have so much to do. Where to begin?

Well, I have long held the belief that a full moon brings out the crazy in people. Anyone who has worked in any sort of customer service role seems to agree with this unscientific analysis. September’s moon however seems to indicate that it also make yours truly have more than my usual share of blond moments.

I had an e-mail at work from a branch manager asking where he could find four reports. He listed what he was looking for and I pointed him to a folder that clearly contained the reports he was looking for. His request and the list matched word-for-word. I also copied the person who built the reports saying he may offer more insight. I then, foolishly, sent another message to what I thought was the report builder saying “I know he is new, but really????”

Of course this ended up going to the branch manager and not my intended audience. An hour or so later I fired up my computer to find a message stating “Thanks for your patience”. That is now a running joke in the office. I called, hat in hand, to explain myself. But how does one really? I swallowed my pride, confessed my sin and vowed “never again”.

A day or so later, I was at LSC’s for dinner. She and AC put on an amazing spread topped with a crown roast of pork – delicious. Before dinner, we sat having drinks and her daughter knocked over a glass of champagne. I know, I cried too. Her son, who is indeed the cutest host ever (he greeted us at the door, said what a pleasure it was to have us over and proceeded to entertain us) was caught in the cross fire and ended up with a wet shirt.

Having to visit the little boy’s room, I offered to take him upstairs to pick out another shirt. My business complete, I met him on the landing and we started back to the table. About halfway down the stairs I said he had picked out a great shirt. He turned, smiling with glee, and then his shoe caught on the carpet and he fell the last few steps.

I reached out, but he was gone. He landed. I froze. For a brief moment I thought tears would be avoided but it was not to be. His parents were soon on scene and after a couple minutes of checking for bruises, scratches and breaks it was determined he would bounce back. A plate of fruit buckle (that he made mind) seemed to lift his spirits and he was soon back playing host. A report the next day verified all was okay. Whew!

There has also been a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving since my last entry. My sister hosted and we all contributed. Mother, the turkey, Laura the appetizers, Julie the fixin’s and I the desserts. While the food was good, the best part was having the entire family together. No one was working, we were all there.

We played Bocce before dinner, guitar hero (I suck) after as well as the name game, Taboo and Hoopla. The night before we engaged in a rousing round of Rumoli in which the IronMan (who is a “nice addition” so I have been told –YAY!) and myself lost big time. It seems to have gone to my nephew’s college fund, so in the end, all is well.

My brother announced that he is going to Afghanistan next year to help train their police force on an exchange program with the RCMP. We are all VERY proud of him and wish him the best (and safest) on his adventure. I drew his name for Christmas stockings, so I think about 20 tubes of sunscreen should do it. You think I am pale?

And last night, a group of five brave (or foolish?) souls went to the former sanitarium at Kipling and Lakeshore for a walk through the Haunted Powerhouse. If you like being spooked at all you MUST go. I am sorry my niece was not there – she would have LOVED it.

For four 30 something’s and one 40 something, we were a pathetic sight. You knew something was coming around each corner. No one wanted to go first, no one wanted to go last. We stepped on each other, shoved each other back and pushed each other forward. Or maybe that was all me. It was extremely well done and at $8, a bargain.

When you go, park in one of the side streets if possible – the walk across the grounds is creepy enough on its own.

Well poodles, that is about all I have right now. Off to make my costume (and decide what it will be). I will write again soon…..if I survive Halloween!


Anonymous Papi said...

No Madonna? No Hallowe'en?

what kind of gay blog is this?

oops, i hope i didn't just out you Papi!

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