Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunburned and Sore

You know the Baz Luhrman song about sunscreen? It gives little tidbits on how to make the most of life; the first being to wear sunscreen because of its long term benefits. Well I have to admit that I am a diligent and liberal about the application of my SPF. Ask anyone in PV08, I was the whitest thing on the beach. So when I went out for a little bike ride with my sister today, I packed it in the car. And then as soon as I got on my bike, forgot about it.

Being 8:00 AM when we left, I thought the sun would not get me too bad so did not turn back. At the halfway point we stop for a drink and I found myself seeking the comforting shade of a telephone pole. Then, four hours and 88 km later (no, that’s right, 88 km) I really began to regret it. As soon as I had a fruit smoothie in my hand, I retreated to the shade and did not think I was that pink. Now, at 8:46 PM, I am as red as a lobster. Well my arms and one ear are anyway. My helmet and the fact that your head is down a lot of the time seems to have spared my face.

Surprisingly I am not that sore. My t’aint is not feeling great, but other than that, things seem to be okay. I did an hours yoga to try and alleviate any stiffness tomorrow and think I will be okay. Considering that Daphne is the only bike I have been on in years, and she is not exactly speedy, I feel rather good. I borrowed a friends “second hand bike that cost $1000! These IronMen and IronWomen are serious about their sport. Do you know how many pie plates I could buy for that kind of money? Or plants for the garden? Or bottles of gin?

When I asked “how do these clippie things work” my sister and her friends thought they were going to be pulling dead weight all day. But aside from one or two hills, I found my breathing quite calm and regular. And I didn’t fall over once trying to get out of the clips AND I got quite comfortable in what is called the arrow position. Smell me. Actually, after four hours, you probably didn’t want too. P.U.

There is now talk of me doing an ironman next year, but unless I can learn to stop sinking like a stone while I try to swim, I am thinking not. It also dawned on me that after I did DOUBLE the cycling we did today I would also have to run a full marathon. Ummm, I think no.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sure hope you kept your mouth shut Poor Soul. Tee Hee

4:50 AM  
Blogger Blair said...

You should have slathered your fruit smoothie on your skin. Those alpha hydroxy, amino, thingamajigs do wonders for the complexion!

6:16 AM  

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