Monday, March 31, 2008

I am sooo getting fired

Hee hee. Spring is in the air and my little mind was working overtime today. Not on anything productive you see, but purely on all things silly. Staying a little late at work tonight, I busied myself leaving April Fools presents for my co-workers. One mouse has been disconnected just enough from its base so it won’t work. It looks, plugged in, but isn’t.

One phone has a small piece of tape over the mouth piece while another, the ear piece. There are unscrewed light bulbs, readjusted chairs and one desk in now the mirror image of its former self.

I messed up my own desk a little too and have been practicing expressions of shock and outrage. I have been know from time-to-time to tell the odd, very smallest of white lies.

The best though is currently sitting in my fridge. The Swingline stapler of my boss is setting in jello! Just like in The Office. The good one from the UK that is, not that silly American one. I hope he thinks it is as funny as I do.

If my work e-mail mysteriously stops working tomorrow morning, you will all know why.


Anonymous Michael Moniz said...

Now that is just pure fun! Who wouldn't find that funny!

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Little Susie C said...

You are hilarious. How did they react?

7:13 AM  

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