Friday, May 09, 2008

My Crack Addiction

Good point SFVF, I need to explain what face crack is.

I know where, what with my being a gay man and all, your mind probably goes when I say crack (hee hee). But no. It is not what you think. PV08 was very taxing on the body and you had to make sure you maintained proper moisture levels, water (gin, vodka, beer and clamato) for the inside and moisturizing sunscreen for the body. The face though, requires extra special attention. Along with your hands, nothing reveals ones true age like the face.

Being somewhat pale, and having experienced some bad sunburns in the past, I wanted to make sure I was well supplied with moisturizer. In with the firming body soother and anti-gravity firming lift mask went the Crème de la Mer Mist and Clinique moisture surge face spray.

These accompanied us to the beach each day and sat on our little table in and amongst the Corona bottles. At first, it was cute and fun to sprits your face but PV08SFVF and I soon found ourselves reaching for the bottle at the same time and with greater frequency.

It’s like being really thirsty and having a sweet drink. While it temporarily satisfies, you quickly find yourself needing more. I now have the La Mer with me in the car for a post work day stress reliever and the moisture surge on hand for those tough mornings.

Get yourselves ready for the summer my friends and stock up!


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