Sunday, August 17, 2008

Run Father! Run!

Last weekend saw the second annual running of the Mitchells at the Fergus Highland Games 10km – YAY for us! There were a couple of changes from the previous roster; our new sister Margarita, formerly our brother Mark, did not participate in the event and Jackson (last years winner) and Emily also had to miss out. But we did have my IronMan join who kept me at a faster pace than I am used to but I shaved over 6 minutes off my time! Next year, I am going to break 50 minutes for sure!

My IronSister put forth a great show, as usual, and did better than last year as well. But the addition to the race we are all proudest of was my DAD! After watching us last year he decided not to miss out on the “fun” this time around. He has been diligently practicing since the spring and did a FANTASTIC job cutting 15 minutes off his personal best from his test runs! 15 minutes! It must be the running shorts we got him for father’s day that made the difference.

The weather was perfect this time around – cool and breezy. We were so fast this time though that Auntie Karen and Uncle Duck didn’t get out in time to cheer us on. IronJules told them to be out for 9:30 but we were well gone by the halfway point by then! Zoom zoom zoom!

Once the competition between the siblings was over, we, along with IronMan, went back to run in with papa! He must have felt a little like the President with us all around him. CJ, the official photographer of the event, shed a little tear as we all came towards the finish line.

We then retired back to the Mitchell homestead for a feast fit for a king! It was a yummy brunch indeed. There was everything from fruit salad to ham and devilled eggs. As usual, mother outdid herself!

No one’s legs were in particularly bad shape the next day and there are already grumblings about next year. We hope the Margarita’s operation is completed by then and maybe she will be able to join us


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who's your IronMan? Lance? Last time I talked to you, you were living with him

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well clearly I have not talked to you in a while....

12:45 PM  

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