Monday, December 22, 2008

Look Mom, No Legs

Last year for my birthday, S.F.V.F (aka PV08 and/or Papi) gave me an Aussie Bum bathing costume. Not so much swimming trunks, but really as a thin band of material that showcases your junk. Aside from AQUA at this years Pride, it has not had many miles put on it ~ until today.

I have been hanging around IronMan, IronGirl & Co. and it seems that I have caught the tri bug myself. Unlike my brother and sister who are natural athletes, I struggled with sports. Don't get me wrong, I tried them all. It's just then when I wasn't instantly good, I gave up. Figure skating wasn't for me as I wasn't allowed the white skates. I was so distracting to others at gymastics the school told my parents if they took me out, they would get a full refund.

But swimming by far was my weakest. My brother and sister both ended up as lifeguards while I didn't like getting my face wet. The rule in the neighbourhood was, if you wanted to swim without parental supervision, you had to get your junior badge. I think it is green level now. It took two rounds of regular lessons, one semi private and finally private to get there, but pass I did!

As you can well imagine, the idea of swimming 4 km even now is frightening for me. But as I have 18 months to get ready, I thought I better start practicing. As I entered the locker room at UTM this evening, I stopped for a moment to soak in the scene. "I really should have tried harder at swimming" I thought. Or maybe volunteered as a towel boy.

I stepped into my 'suit' and out onto the deck. Hands down, my was the lowest cut in the front and highest cut in the back ~ up the butt I mean. Even IronGirl made mentioned of the lack of fabric. As quickly as I could, I slipped into the pool.

On with the lesson. After one lap of being evaluated (a nice way of saying judged) a pair of foam floaties were stuffed between my legs to help keep the lower part of the body up without kicking the legs. I personally would have designed the back piece slightly differently, but the effect was amazing. Even my sister was impressed with my technique. A few pointers here and there and I was off like a dolphin.

Okay, that is a bit of a stretch. But I didn't hate it and I didn't drown. I even managed 6 laps in a row without panic! Only 154 more consecutive laps and I will be ready for Lake Placid 2010!


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